Some of the stuff am fanatic about is as:


    I love mathematics, although I know very little of it. I enjoy thinking of practical problems with a mathematical cap and I usually find, almost everything can be capped. I enjoy thinking of formal proofs of obvious problems which many a times don't end up being obvious. I am an ardent thinker, and I randomly think of random problems trying to find a pattern in chaos.
    One of the reasons for this interest could be - this is the only subject I have consistently been able to score in :) (trust me - in my struggling school life, I have stumbled in many)

    Social entrepreneurship

    I strongly believe that every you and me has atleast a small bit of social responsibilty which he/ she should seriously keep as a primay todo item in his laundry list. Just a small bit from every one of us can create a lot of change and make things much better. Our contribution in any form might turn in betterment of many.

    I adore many people and appreciate the kind of work and effort they are putting in. I ardently read about initiaves taken up by people, ruminate their ideas and try and contribute in ways possible. I have volunteered at, Multi-sectoral approaches for the Child Labor Eradication Project in CIDev, an NGO June – July, 2008, the Liberty Science Centre and the Youth For Seva initiave. As a co-founder of Sparsh Scholarship Foundation (a registered NGO initiative), we try to head into other possible challenging areas and touch the lives of as many deserving needy children..

    Travel and adventure

    Travelling new places is always an excitement. I have had chance to explore almost whole of my native country, India - with diversity noticed at almost every end. Being from a religious family, I have been to many many sacred shrines at altitudes of Himalayas [all by walk :)].
    Mountains, rivers, beaches, tea gardens, falls, tracking, para sailing, water biking are some of the explored areas. Am now all set to explore infinitely many unxplored horizons - bungy jumping seems to be the next.


    I enjoy solving puzzles. This is something where my random web crawling usually ends at. After solving many or after knowing the answers of many, I actually think of how did people manage to create or come out with such a problem/ solution. Bow to the geniuses!
    Having had chance of winning an Online Puzzle Solving competition at IITM, I like to baost of having thougt of few solutions in my dreams. LoL
    All apart, I also believe, attimes am slow at solving them :|


    Playing any sport is fun. For me, Badminton surely has a special space. Am lucky to find and continue my sports regime at The Coles Sports Center, NYU. Am able to hit here almost twice a week (althogh the schedule makes it all real difficult).


    I enjoy these everchanging numbers. Everything is so wyswyg!! I have tried trading many stocks and ipo's (BSE) in my past - both randomly and by some calculations. Made some bucks too :)
    My current schedule is so damn challening to find time for everything. I still own some of the stocks - have no clue of how those stock are doing.


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