Teaching Experience

    Industry Experience
    • HealthCareMagic (P) Ltd., Bangalore, Karnataka, India
      • Product Developer, Apr 2010 - Jul 2010

        • Details:

          Technology Lead
          I was majorly a part of the technical development team. Migrate applications to new technologies, SEO, enhance and maintain code quality, redesign business process using automated techniques were some of my responsibilities.

          Some of my work is as (most of this has been handled and achieved independently ):

          • Business Report - by analysing the database design and running a variety of extensive SQL queries, this report calculates and renders useful business analysis data. The data like daily/ weekly Indian/ Foreign transactions, daily/ weekly new user payments, number of Indian/ Foreign registrations etc were highly useful to analyse the business flow.

          • Migrated Lucene based search to SOLR based enterprise search to enable faster, efficient and scalable searching. The features implemented were: Faceted search, did you mean, multicore, and runtime indexing.

          • Redesigned SEO tracker - SEO tracker is an application which keeps track of page rank of user listed websites on various search engines into your database. It helps a lot in keeping track of your SEO performance and also keeping track of pace of your competitors.

          • Drugs Module - collected drugs data from various sources (propriety + wikipedia + public websites) and launched the whole into production. Designing database, creating servlets, data access objects, manager objects were some of the tasks involed.

          • creating automated XML sitemap for the website

          Web Development Lead
          I designed and implemented end to end features using Java, JSP, struts, Hibernate, javaScript and mySQL. Released new products, features and the application into production independently - monitored server for efficient load time and uninterrupted running – implemented business needs as technical requirements

          • The products/ features I independently developed are as:
            • Specialist query module
            • Delete User Account
            • Submit Health Tip
            • Admin panel for Report issue, Report abuse
          • Other products/ features I was a part of are as:
            • Developing a Health Portal for Corporates, for clients like HSBC, Mcafee
            • Managing user emails, health calculators, get a call module

        • I had an opportunity to attend meetings/ calls with our Venture Capitalist, Accel Partnets - for discussions regarding company's business and technical developments
        • I was responsible for Technology Team recruitment. I mentored interns to facilitate expansion of competent team

        Technologies/ Languages: Java, JSP, Servlets, Struts, Hibernate, mySQL, Java Script, Apache Tomcat, Ant, Unix Shell, Lucene, Solr, SVN

    • Aditi Technologies, Bangalore, Karnataka, India
      • Development Engineer,Jan 2009 - Apr 2010

        • Details:

          I worked as a part of Mobile Services Business Unit for web and mobile (blackberry) applications. The details of my projects and responsibilities are as:

          • Developing an intermediate IRC proxy-Server and BlackBerry Mobile Application for MindAlign Enterprise Group-Chat application
          • Developing a generic retail framework for online shopping experience from a BlackBerry device along with a web server
          • Developing a del.icio.us application for BlackBerry device to synchronize one’s online bookmarks from a blackberry hand-held
          • Building an online Car showroom website on .NET and Sql server platform

          • High level architecture and object oriented design
          • Writing test cases using JUnit; using Spring Framework for dependency injection; writing Maven build script
          • Xml parsing (SAX, DOM); writing REST, SOAP web-services (using JAX-WS, Axis2)
          • Developing Blackberry device CLDC applications

        Technologies/ Languages: C, C#, Java, sql server, XML, RSS, Web Services, Eclipse, Visual Studio, BlackBerry JDE, maven, svn

    • Co-founder, Sparsh Scholarship Foundation (a registered NGO initiative)
    • Volunteer – Open Source Web Initiative projects (MOSCAR) at, the Liberty Science Center
    • Oct 2010-till date
    • Volunteer – Multi-sectoral approaches for the Child Labor Eradication Project in CIDev, an NGO June – July, 2008