Selected Academic Projects

    • Distributed Database System (Java), Fall 2010
      Implementing a Multi Server DB System with Replication (Available Copies) and Concurrency Control (2-Phase Locking), with support for Multi Version Read Consistency (RO Transactions) and Dead Lock Avoidance (Wait Die Protocol) along with Snapshot Isolation and Load Balancing among various DB Servers using a name server

    • Developed a JAVA-API for transcription of Indic-language Scripts to UNICODE Standard and extending the Mozilla Firefox support for four Indic-fonts , a Tata Consultancy Services(TCS) Project (Summer Internship) at Internation Institute of Information Technology(IIIT), Hyderabad
      Advisor: Prof. Vasudeva Verma

    • Designing of a Musical Fountain (Symphony), at Engineer '06, the NITK technical symposium
      The competition emphasized on designing a controller circuit for a Musical Fountain so that the water jets and the lights on the fountain are in symphony with the music being played.
      I designed/programmed multiple multi-range filters and algorithms to distinguish the music frequencies.

    • Analyzed the performance of advanced data structures and standard algorithms like Longest Common Subsequence - Designed a graphical interface to manifest the analyzed statistics using Java, Swing and C for Data Structures and Algorithms course

    • Audio Effect Processor
      The project aimed at adding the effects like reverberation and echo in an audio file and finally making an efficient equalizer. I used different variety of filters to manipulate the audio file and used JAVA-Swings for handy GUI of the same.

    • Designed a Grading-System Software and a Customizable Dictionary using Java, AWT & Oracle 9i as a part of a Mini-project

    • Indoor and Road Lightening Software Package was developed to demonstrate an efficient Indoor and Road lightening setup – Analyzed different light positions for optimum brightness – Designed a mathematical system for iterative setups in different environments