I am a Masters student in the department of Computer Science at Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences(CIMS), NYU

My interests include Advanced Systems and Algorithms. I am currently working as a Teaching Assistant for courses in Basic Algorithms and Introduction to Computer Science - JAVA, at NYU.

I have had chance to prefessionaly work in varied projects at Aditi Technologies and HealthcareMagic.com [extensively and independently]. I always cherish the exposure and learning from my short(about 2 years) yet very significant professional tenure.
For more details of my professional work - [Click Here]

I received my B.Tech. (Bachelor of Technology) degree in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from National Institute of Technology Karnataka, Surathkal (NITK), India (formerly called KREC) in 2008.

Apart from Computer Science, I love:
mathematics, physics, social entrepreneurship, travel, adventure sports, puzzles, badminton, stocks ..